HRA Announce an Amendment to the National Ratings Based Handicapping System

06 January 2022

The Members of Harness Racing Australia (HRA) have voted to make an amendment to the National Ratings Based Handicapping System.

The change announced is in relation to the deletion of Rule 4.2 of the Australian Handicapping rules which relates to two year old’s racing in open age races.

The deleted rule is as follows:

4.2      A 2YO with a Rating greater than 35 that is nominated for an Open Age Race shall have its Rating re-calculated for the Open Age Race by:

            (a) allotting the 2YO base Rating of 35 points, plus

            (b) half the number of points that its Rating exceeds 35, and

            (c) rounding up half points to a whole number.

            Example: A 2YO with a Rating of 44 would thus have a Rating of 40 for an Open Age Race.

            Note: No adjustment will be made to the Points Score of a 2YO with a Rating of less than 35.

The deletion of this rule is with immediate effect from the commencement of the 2022 racing season – 1 January 2022.

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