NSW: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Horses Trained outside Lockdown Zone

07 July 2021

Following the extension of the lockdown period for Greater Sydney including the Blue Mountains, Central Coast and Wollongong those licensed Trainers, Drivers and Stablehands who reside within that zone MUST remain within the lockdown zone unless NSW Government exemptions apply.

Commencing from Saturday 10 July 2021, HRNSW will provide an opportunity for Trainers located outside the lockdown zone to compete at Saturday Metropolitan race meetings at Tabcorp Park Menangle, provided that those Trainers comply with strict HRNSW protocols as follows:

  • Tabcorp Park Menangle will provide separate bathroom amenities for licensed participants from outside the lockdown zone;
  • Trainers, Drivers and approved Stablehands must all be from outside the lockdown zone. (For example, a Trainer from outside the lockdown zone must only use a Driver and Stablehand from outside the lockdown zone);
  • Trainers from outside the lockdown zone will have their own designated float area;
  • Trainers from outside the lockdown zone will be stabled separately to Trainers within the lockdown zone;
  • Trainers from outside the lockdown zone will not be permitted to use the horse walker at Tabcorp Park Menangle.
  • Trainers, Drivers and Stablehands from outside the lockdown zone must not stop or exit their vehicle at any point within the lockdown zone other than the designated float area at Tabcorp Park Menangle.
  • Trainers, Drivers and Stablehands from outside the lockdown zone must not interact with those from within the lockdown zone and must leave Tabcorp Park Menangle as soon as all obligations in accordance with the Australian Harness Racing Rules have been met.

Any Trainer located outside the lockdown zone who wishes to commit to race WITHIN THE LOCKDOWN ZONE ONLY for the remainder of the Government lockdown period should make application to HRNSW for approval.

Any trainer wishing to make application should contact Shaun Snudden on 0418 785 367 or email ssnudden@hrnsw.com.au

It should be noted that any licensed participant who enters the lockdown zone at any time MUST comply with NSW Government Health Orders once they leave the lockdown zone.


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