Notice to Trainers - Cross contamination risk mitigation

04 August 2022 | TAS - STEWARDS - C Ellson




Reducing the Risk of Cross Contamination in Stables

To reduce the risk, and guard against the possibility of cross contamination when handling prescribed medicines and therapeutic substances in the workplace, all trainers, employees, and stable assistants, are reminded of their obligations to ensure they adopt appropriate and best practices at all times.

To assist with achieving this desired outcome, the Office of Racing Integrity refer you to the following.

We strongly recommend that you

  • wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water immediately after treating a horse, and before treating another - especially where the substance could potentially give rise to an adverse test result.


  • where possible, when treating a horse, use single wear disposable gloves.
  • make appropriate inquiries of all staff and/or volunteers to understand if their personal drug use/ medications could potentially give rise to an adverse test result.
  • where potential cross-contamination risks are identified, implement stringent management practices and processes to best contain the risk.
  • ensure that all medications and remedies are appropriately identified and securely stored.
  • clean all working surfaces after use.
  • where possible avoid stabling racing animals being medicated next to others also being medicated.


You must avoid

  • storing or taking personal medications in active horse working areas.
  • consuming foods and drinks meant for human consumption in the feed room or stables. Examples being coffee, chocolate, and energy drinks which can contain prohibited substances.
  • urinating in stables, near kennels, yards, or areas where animals are active – this practice represents a real risk of contamination.

The measures recommended are aimed at ensuring enhanced compliance with the prohibited substance rules of all racing codes.



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