VIC - HRV Stewards Industry Notice - Eligibility and Re-Inclusion in Barrier Draw

20 May 2024

Eligibility Requirement

In accordance with the Australian Harness Racing Rules, the following eligibility requirements are to be satisfied before a horse can be nominated for a race:

23B.  (1)  A horse cannot be nominated for a race if it is a horse as defined by sub-rule (2) and it has not satisfied the provisions of sub-rule (3).

(2)  (a)  horse that has not participated in an official trial or racwithin the twelve month period prior to the race.

(b)  foreign horse that has been imported into Australia and has not participated in an official trial or race within the six month period prior to the race.

(3)  The horse must participate in an official trial to the satisfaction of the Stewards.

Re-Inclusion In Barrier Draw

A horse seeking re-inclusion into the barrier draw is required to barrier trial at a Qualifying Trial or in a race on two consecutive occasions to the satisfaction of the Stewards before being re-instated into the barrier draw. Both trials / races cannot be performed on the same day.

A trainer or representative is required to notify Stewards at a race meeting if it is their intention to have a horse remain out of the barrier draw. If this is not notified to Stewards, the horse will be assessed for a satisfactory start.

Should a trainer intend to have a horse remain out of the barrier draw for an indefinite period (i.e. multiple race starts), that is required to be notified to Stewards which will then be noted on the horse’s record by the HRV Racing Office. In such case, it is the responsibility of the trainer to again notify Stewards of the intention to then have the horse considered for re-inclusion in the barrier draw.


Contacts For HRV Stewards

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03 8378 0222

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03 8378 0291

Out of business hours Stewards contact


9214 0650

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