NSW: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Restrictions - Regionalised Racing

12 August 2021

In light of the continually evolving COVID-19 situation in NSW and in order to further strengthen the current restrictions, HRNSW will return to the regionalisation of racing for all race meetings conducted on or after Wednesday 18 August 2021.

HRNSW is extremely mindful of the impact that the return to regionalisation will have upon individual participants, however, this precautionary measure is once again being adopted to protect the NSW harness racing industry and the livelihood of participants.

Harness racing will continue under the current biosecurity protocols and NSW will be once again split into four recognised regions based upon the boundaries which are applied for the purposes of the 2021 NSW Breeders Challenge as effective from 1 March 2021- Metropolitan, Hunter, Western and Riverina, with the following exceptions;


  • Licensed participants who are located within the southern area of the Metropolitan Region who are not currently subject to any NSW Government lockdown orders will be classified within the Riverina Region;
  • Licensed participants who are located within the Central Coast NSW Government lockdown zone will be classified within the Metropolitan Region;
  • Licensed participants from outside the Metropolitan Region and those re-classified into the Riverina Region are no longer able to attend race meetings within the Metropolitan Region;
  • Licensed participants who reside in Local Government Areas (LGA’s) throughout NSW who are subject to a lockdown of their specific LGA are NOT to attend race meetings or trials outside of their LGA.


HRNSW will continue to monitor the advice of the NSW Government and NSW Health.

HRNSW will remove regionalisation at an appropriate time when there is no apparent threat to the industry at large.

Transport of Horses

The transport of horses across regions will once again require approval from HRNSW Stewards following the submission of a transport application form.


Any enquiries should be directed to HRNSW Stewards on (02) 9722 6655.

HRNSW management reminds all industry participants of the available industry support program.


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