VIC - Pending VRT Hearing - Nathan Jack, Mark Pitt, Russell Jack & Tammy Gibbons

05 August 2020

Harness Racing Victoria (HRV) Stewards have issued charges against unlicensed persons Nathan Jack and Mark Pitt under Australian Harness Racing Rules (AHRR) 187(3), 187(2) and 91(1)(a), which state:

AHRR 187(3) – A person shall comply with an order or direction given by the Stewards.

AHRR 187(2) – A person shall not refuse to answer questions or to produce a horse, document, substance or piece of equipment, or give false or misleading evidence or information at an inquiry or investigation.

AHRR 91(1) – A person shall not carry on an activity regulated by licence –

(a) if that person is not the holder of a current licence.

It is alleged that Nathan Jack and Mark Pitt carried on activities regulated by licence at the registered training establishment of licensed trainer-driver Russell Jack on 6 May 2020, and in doing so failed to comply with an order of the HRV Stewards. It is further alleged that Nathan Jack refused to answer questions of Stewards, and Mark Pitt gave false evidence to Stewards.

Russell Jack has also been issued charges under AHRR 187(2), 90A(2.9)(a) and 119C for giving false evidence, failing to ensure persons carrying out activities of a stablehand are licensed as stablehands, and stabling horses in his care at a location other than his registered training establishment.

Licensed person Tammy Gibbons has also been charged under AHRR 187(2) for giving false evidence.

The charges will be heard by the Victorian Racing Tribunal (VRT) on a date to be fixed.