Stallion Selector is here in time for the 2020 Breeding Season!

04 August 2020

A new addition to the website - Stallion Selector has recently been launched.

Stallion Selector is a new tool which allows breeders to match their broodmares with stallions standing within Australia and New Zealand.  After choosing a stallion and a broodmare, Stallion Selector displays a 6-generation pedigree of the resulting progeny.  Duplicates in the pedigree will be highlighted to allow breeders to find the most suitable stallion for their mare.

Follow this link - - to get started.  You can limit the list of stallions to a particular stud by pressing the "Filter by" button below the Stallion input.

Some of the major benefits of our new Stallion Selector are:

- Matches across Australia & New Zealand

- Located within the industry leading website under Products menu.

- Reliable and fast connectivity

A special introductory offer is available for studs wishing to have their stallions listed in Stallion Selector.   Don’t miss this chance to get your stallion(s) included in this new tool.

If you want to know more about our new Stallion Selector and our sign-up options please contact the RISE team by emailing